Calais Food Crisis Project
While the refugee crisis continues to persist in parts of Western Europe, the question that regards hunger on the French-UK border remains a political issue and one of human rights violations. In Calais and Grande-Synthe, two major cities in the North of France that experienced the dismantling of the Calais Jungle in 2016 and still host up to 1,500 people, local law enforcement has tackled food and water deprivation as a political strategy to deter the creation of informal settlements inhabited by people in exile.
This installation depicts and unveils parts of the Human Rights Observers 2020 report and our research lead in collaboration with HRO, Calais Food Collective and graphic designer Mathilda della Torre to denounce the politics of invisibility and food deprivation at the border while urging art and design institutions in France, notably Lille as the 2020-2021 World Capital of Design, to take action.