Exercises in Learning
A self-reflective project exploring the power in using alternative forms of learning and knowledge sharing. For many people, traditional education isn’t easy, being labeled as ‘failures’ within the standardised system of academic judgement. Hence, the importance of finding alternative tools to acquire skills outside of this traditional system.

YouTube is one of these tools, a popular alternative for learning new skills and improving existing ones. It is a quick and easy way to educate oneself on a topic, big or small; complex or simple. Combined with the growing demand for online education has led to a development in how we perceive education and practice learning today.

With a combination of theoretical and experimental research Nick Monro-Meares analyses this shift to establish a more critical dialogue around knowledge sharing on YouTube. Through the act of making a printing press with skills learnt solely through this platform, he demonstrates how one can gain knowledge without traditional forms of education. Then by documenting, reflecting and uploading the process onto the platform, he shares the act of learning itself.

Tutors: Joost Grootens, Simon Davies, Gert Staal, Irene Stracucci,Sergi Casero, Mar Ginot Blanco, Gabriel A. Maher, Erik Viskil, Silvio Lorusso, Alice Wong
Image Credit - Peter Cox